Functional and Cool Robot Girls

Our Mission

    We aim to bring lovable robots into the world to help humanity. The goal is to build a lovely Girlfriend Robot to help millions of lonely guys. 


    We hope to start a community of developers to improve the software and hardware. If you are interested in improving some part our technology, please visit the projects page and join us as a developer. 

Our Story

    We are a small company located in BC, Canada. Most of our manufacturing and assembly is done in house, and each of the robots are hand crafted. The current robots are quite cool, but more work is needed to make them functional and fun. 


    During 2020, the founder of lilium robotics started working on various prototypes for humanoid robotics in the middle of his masters degree. It started with the aim of making something practical, accessable, and beautiful. From that time, many prototypes have been developed.  Over 2 years of work has produced some interesting results. Hopefully, we will build lovely robotic Girlfriend in the future.