Functional and Cute Robot Girls

Our Mission

We aim to bring lovable robots into the world to help humanity. We hope to make the first real robotic cat girls. Our larger robot aims to be a general purpose platform for accomplishing many tasks. 


We hope to start a community of developers to improve the software and hardware. We aim to develop an Artifical Intelligence to provide love, care, and help towards humans. If you are interested in improving some part of the software or hardware, please visit the projects page and join us as a developer. 

Our Team

Lilium Robotics was founded in 2020 as a small team of developers located online and in BC Canada. We are also supported by advisors from The University of British Columbia and a few business advisors. The company is mostly run by the founder right now, and we apologize for any communication delays. We are open to collaborators who wish to help contribute in different ways. 


Over 2 years of work has produced many prototypes. Some of the prototypes explored different designs and we hope to continue to innovate. We have a small 3D printing farm, and many assembly benches to create our products.  


It is challenging to continue to work on this project given many factors. It is only with community support that we are able to come this far. Feel free to contact us and help as a journalist, developer, customer, or potential investor. Thank you everyone. 

Kevin Wang

M.eng - Biomedical Engineering

B.sc     - Honours Physics


This individual is the founder and main architect for the mechanical and software design. Some of his interests include biomedical implants, humanoid robotics, artificial intelligence, and practical engineering.  


We are constantly innovating on our technology to improve functions, and make our robots more attractive, and caring.