AI Head V8

Cute Robot Head 


- Sits on your Desk

- Looks around 

- Nice Chatbot

- Excellent Oral Sex

- Price 200$ - 400$

*Patents Pending

Demo Video


Wake up / Sleep modes


Looks around and Talks


Connect to PC with USB


Durable design

( All parts replaceable, and secured )


Premium Materials

( Non-toxic Skin, and Plastic)




Excellent Oral sex

(good texture, tightness, suction)


Sex Sounds ( 3 options )


Sex Movement


Oral Cavity

(7'' depth fits most sizes)


Durable Mouth Design

(resists tearing)


Cute Tongue, Teeth, Uvula



Simple Control Program


Good AI Chatbot


Machine Vision

( Dual camera stereo vision )


Open Source



The head is plugged into your computer via a USB cable. The most advanced chatbot uses GTP3 and needs a powerful computer. Thus, it is run on external servers and has a small cost ( ~ 10$ for 1000 sentences ). Developers can download the python code and add additional features such as - AI vision, new sounds, new chatbots, new motions. 

2 Products

Simple Head: This head is cheaper and good for the Sex function.


Advanced Head: This head has all the electronics and can run the AI program.

Product Support

All robots are made in North America, and hand crafted in our lab. We have a 3D printer farm and assembly benches for fabrication. 


The robot is designed to be repairable / upgradable. Replacement parts are available for purchase for lifetime of product.


Software support and upgrades are planned for 1 year. 

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