Lilium V8 Head


- AI with Chatbot

- Oral Sex Function

- Looks Around


*Patents Pending

Demo Video


    The Lilium V8 heads are designed for AI applications and for oral sex. The head can sit on your desk, and run it's AI program, so that you can have a girl to talk to, and keep you company.


    You can also sit at your desk and receive an excellent blowjob. The heads are designed to be durable, and made of non-toxic materials. 




Simple Control Program


Good AI Chatbot


Machine Vision


Open Source



     The advanced chatbot uses GTP3 and needs a powerful computer. Thus, it is an add on service. Developers can download the python code and add additional features

Product Options

- Simple Head: This head is cheaper and good for the Sex function.


- Advanced Head: This head has all the electronics and can run the AI program.




- Standard Face

- Open Mouth Face

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