Large Android Project

Name: Lily Zeta

    The goal of this project is to build a large general purpose robot with the following features:


- Pretty face with a good Brain

- Motorized arms to complete tasks

- Sex Doll Body and functions

- Motorized platform to stand on


    This android could move around the house, and use its arms to do useful tasks. It would have a lovely body like normal sex dolls, and be very functional in bed. 


A skeleton was developed, and body was sculpted. A protoype 130cm body was made. The project is paused, and needs funding. 



Support this Project

    We need your help to make this project a reality. Currently there is not enough money/time to work on this project. However, you can help by looking at our kickstarter or by contacting us directly.


    The Kickstarter will outline all of the estimated costs involved in this project. This includes hiring extra engineers, and also material costs in research and development. We hope to ship out finished robots as a reward for backing us.


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