Advanced Head

Advanced AI Head V8


This product is the Full AI Robot Head.

It has both AI functions and Oral Sex Functions.

This product is a full package and includes the following:


- Mechanical Skull

- Soft Skin (platinum silicone)

- Wig          (white)

- Cat Ears  (white)

- Bow Hair Clip (random color)

- Motorized Neck

- Dual eye camera

- Speaker and microphone

- Control App

- Lipstick

- Eyeliner

- Sex toy Cleaning tool

- Sex toy Heater ( with Smart Temp control )


Please specifiy the face that you would like:

- Face with Normal Mouth (default)

- Face with Open Mouth


Please note there may be slight differences in color / texture/ and hairstyle of the robot due to lighting of the pictures. 


Shipping is free to most locations in Canada and USA. 

Shipping time is 7-14 days

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