Lily Delta V7

Cool Robotic Cat Girl. 


-100cm Height

- 5Kg Weight

- Motorized Arms, legs, torso with  wide movement range

- Dual Eye Cameras

- Speaker and Microphone

- Soft Skin for Face, Body

- App for control

- Onboard Computer


*Patents Pending


Advanced Body with Large Movement Range.


Relaxed mode for easy positioning


Durable, with replaceable components


Arms can lift 0.5kg payload


Only basic animations/positioning available for now. Future software updates will unlock more functions such as crawling, and object manipulation. This body is mainly designed for crawling locomotion, not walking. The body is powered via power cable.


Good AI Chatbot


Machine Vision


Motion Libaries


Audiobook Reader


Control Robot from App


Open Source


The head has a powerful linux computer installed: the Khadas Vim3 with an AI accelerator chip. The most advanced chatbot uses GTP3 and needs a powerful computer. Thus, it is run as an external service. 

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